Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lol (blowing off cobwebs)...

I'm still shooting film, 4x5 mostly... I've "rediscovered" Arista Edu Ultra 100 (aka Foma 100). It's a "classic" emulsion... I had gotten tired of it developed in Rodinal, but Xtol seems to breathe new life into it.

Part of why I haven't updated this blog in a log time is because I have a dedicated photography blog at

In addition to my photography, I have been "cross training" my visual skills by learning Chinese brush painting; I even have a blog about that:

So this, Gangsta Grain, is effectively my fourth blog at this point (my third being my poetry blog).

Maybe I could use this blog to sermonize about the problems I see with film, and with the large format community in specific (I'm looking at you

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